Tiadem was founded by Saeed and Hamid Akhtarani in 2007. Tiadem is not
just a business name to be known by our clients. It is a brand that try to plays a crucial role to transform and refashion the jewellery artistry.

Tiadem is the product of  expertise two generations of Akhrarani family for more than 50 years in business. It is a family business moving towards the design, production and supply of new products with the taste and demand of our generation.

The word Tiadem meaning “Crown” has its roots in Greek which has been found to be significant for 3000 years. The word found its way to Persian Language as Diadema” and later in Persian it was changed to "Diahem" which is still common in Persian.

As the word has supranational meaning, Tiadem company tries to supply its products over the globe considering every nation's desire, style and demand in the process of design and production.

Tiadem started trade in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. 

Your propositions and suggestions to improve further in this fascinating industry. It is our most pleasure bringing the best products both in quality and fashion trends.